• Our guiding principle is to run a daily market of ethically-produced food and non-food products grown and made by local professional and community.
  • Producers – “Local” means within 50 miles radius of our Prime Location
  •  Stallholders’ production methods must have minimal adverse environmental impact and conform to recognized standards of sustainability and animal welfare.
  • The market will monitor standards through stall inspections, questionnaires and site visits.
  •  We will give preference to producers of local, seasonal and organic products.
  • Relevant certificates (e.g. Soil Association certification) must be displayed
  •  Where core seasonal vegetables are not available locally they can be sourced non-locally in this order:
    1. The rest of our Prime Location’s county;
    2. Adjacent counties;
    3. The rest of the UK;
    4. Mainland Europe.
  • The county or country of origin of non-local produce must be clearly displayed.
  •  Secondary food or craft products must be processed by the stallholder using at least one local ingredient. The base ingredients must be substantially altered by this process.
  •  No part of a product may be air-freighted except minimal amounts with market permission
  •  No genetically modified products or ingredients may be used or sold in any product
  •  All stalls will be staffed by at least one person directly involved in or fully knowledgeable about the growing/making of the produce/product who is able to answer customers’ questions about their products and their ingredients.
  •  Locality rules do not apply to ethical enterprises (e.g. Fairtrade or similar organisations and environmentally-friendly cleaning products)
  •  We encourage recycling second-hand products (e.g. books, clothing). These must be locally sourced
  •  The market reserves the right to refuse market space to stalls whose aims or products it considers inappropriate to its aims and values


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