Things You Should Know Before You Switch To Linux

Last updated on April 25th, 2021 at 08:48 am


If your thinking of changing from Ms Win or Mac, this article gives you some pointers and things to consider.

A few of the good things

It is more secure than other options

My wife used to run WS Win and each day the virus checker would find 1000’s of virus / malware etc !

She did use the web for research but nothing of a questionable nature.

I suggested she gave Linux a try.

She hates all things tech with a passion. But found MS ran so slow and she wasted so time rebooting She hated that every evening after a long day working she had to run and remove the viruses knowing that tomorrow would be the same.

She did not want to learn a new system but agreed. I introduced her to Libre Office – which does the things MS Office should do. She already knew Thunder Bird ( email ), Firefox and found reading PDF’s easy.

It was not love at first use

She did love the improvement in speed. The fact she did not need to reboot at all. No wasted time dealing with virus’s etc. It took a little time to learn that in Linux, things are in different places and have different names. I pointed out that when she changed from XP to Win 7…… Win 7 to Win 10 etc……. Whats the difference ?

Linux grew on her

After only a few days she liked it and decided that it was worth her effort to learn it.

So much so, I never got to use my PC again 🙂

I had to get a new one. So it was a win win and I didnt even need to ask if I could buy a new PC 🙂 🙂 Techie heaven.

That’s one story but a true one

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