Raspberry Pi – My First Taste Of Raspberry Pi Day 1- The Pi Arrives.


The story continues, watch the next step in finding the answer of can a Raspberry Pi be an alternative to a PC.

Why am I doing this ?

Recently I have been having some ideas to play around with and when doing searches something called a Raspberry Pi kept appearing in the results.

After a while it set my mind thinking.

Whilst it clearly is great for the techies and frustrated hardware engineers, myself included, I thought I wonder if this could be used as a real alternative to a PC.

This is where my wife enters the picture. She is an intelligent, well educated woman who hates tech with a passion, to the point of I think she would prefer having teeth pulled than learn about IT.

So a little challenge formed, I wonder if I could make it such that she could use it and as far as possible enjoy doing so.

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