Raspberry PI – Ubuntu – Verdict Impressive


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Raspberry PI – Ubuntu – Verdict Impressive
This article shows my attempt to install Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi 4.

I used the Raspberry Imager, Under Select OS , Other General Purpose OS, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Desktop 21.04 (PI 4/400)
64 Bit desktop for Pi model 4 with 4G.

I put in the SD Card , Connected a USB Mouse, Keyboard and Network Cable.
Turned on and it booted to the install screen with out a problem ( unlike Mate ).

After being so disappointed with Mate, I did not really want to do this test but as I have used K Ubuntu for many years, I wanted to see, if the Pi really could be taken seriously or is it just a toy.

Entered the normal things, Lang etc. One difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu is no screen to select disk or if I wanted to use full disk, LVM, manual etc. I do not know if that’s a Pi or the same as normal Ubuntu.

Install went well and took about the same time as I’ve been getting when installing from a USB stick to a normal desktop pc.

First Impressions:
Very clean desktop with the everyday apps showing in the side bar.
It was nice to see , it came with Libre Office, Thunder Bird and Firefox already installed.

To test it out, I played a You Tube video, Set up Thunder Bird and got it syncing with a huge mailbox and wrote a Libre Document at the same time.

It was responsive and actually felt like a decent PC.

Being excited about this, I tried to install GIMP via the Software Apps Tool, which failed, the installer did not give a reason.

I tried for Netbeans using a suggestion from a search :

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install netbeans

It failed with missing dependencies but did not say which.
Looking around, it appears Netbeans is fine if built from source.

Over all very good.
This test restored faith in the Pi after the Mate disaster.