About Green PMF

Last updated on April 24th, 2021 at 05:39 pm


Welcome to Green PMF

We are an small group who are dedicated to causes such as :

Helping Animals

Saving Endangered Spices

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Developing Apps and Web Services to help people

Developing an Education Center

Our Apps,  Web Services and Education Center are being developed to help raise funding for the above.


We have been working on creating Mobile Apps to assist with people’s well being and are now turning our efforts to developing a range of educational material.

We care about Saving Endangered Species.

We use the income from this site and other activities to help with projects to save endangered species.

Use the menus options to take a look at what we have already achieved and ideas for new projects to achieve our ultimate goals.

Please note we are self funding and all donations are very welcome.

We have a donation fund which helps to fund current and future projects to help raise the money needed to sustain our charitable undertakings and to develop new ideas to futher our objectives.

If you can please donate to help and be a part of making things better for all.

Thank You.

Green PMF Team.