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Date : 01/10/20

Dear Sir David Attenborough,

Your Expertise, Passion and Commitment in the area I ask about below are without doubt second to none

We are hoping start and run the following :

  • Provide help and sanctuary for sick and homeless animals.
  • Help with Conservation and Protection of Endangered Species.
  • Provide an educational and fun visitor center for the family to learn more about endangered species and our environment and to show them things they can do to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • To help them see even the little things an individual does can make a difference for all.
  • Work with Environmental Agencies to improve our Planet’s Ecology and move to a greener future.
  • Help local food producers promote and show case their products and their contributions to our Environment.
  • Setup and run a restaurant quality take away and full restaurant using locally sourced, Eco friendly ingredients.
  • Help the move to Electric Transport by providing ample charging points.
  • Help local unemployment by being an ethical employer.
  • To be a green ethical company and charity.

For more detailed information about our dream would you please look at our website :

If you would like to see our initial thoughts on how to achieve our objectives please refer to :

Would your team or yourself please help us in anyway you are able and willing.

We desperately need help with some pointers on places, people, organizations who may be able to make our dream come true.

We thank you for reading this letter and thank you in advance for any help you may be willing to provide.

Yours Faithfully


Please Make A Donation

We are always in need of extra funding please make a donation to our cause.

GMTV – Asking To Be Added To Their List of Interest

Date : 29/09/20


Thanks for reading this email.

We are trying to setup initially a small charity to help with

Local Animals who need a rescue and safe place.

Endangered Species


Helping the Environment.

At this stage it is only an idea which we have just started to define and obtain quotes for costings etc.

Hopefully when the time is right we will be able to find financial  and specialist help to make our project a reality.

Please believe me. We pray every week to win one of your competitions.

Anyway would you please take a look at the web site we are putting together and if you think it is worthwhile would you please consider adding us to your list of things which may be interesting.

Many Thanks

Jeff & Amy

Click to see how we are HELPING – The Planet

We wish to partner with Environmental Organizations.

Areas of interest include:



Saving Rain Forests.



Saving The Ice Caps and Polar Regions.

HELPING – Local Animals and Animals Around The Planet

We would like to partner with some local veterinary practices and the RSPCA.

Helping Animals in Our Community

We are passionate about providing help, care and in many cases homes for sick , injured and abandoned animals.

Where appropriate visitors can interact with the animals and learn about caring for their own pets.

This will also showcase the projects and work we are involved with to help save endangered species around the world. We hope to have guests from organizations such as the World Wild Life Fund and alike.

Our rescue and sanctuary has a small care / treatment room to cater for the animals day to day animal welfare. A trained veterinary nurse will be close at hand 24/7/365.

Endangered Species

We would like to partner with organizations such as the World Wild Life Fund and other Charities.

Our wish is to get involved with some of their projects to help endangered species.

Our trained staff are happy to answer any questions about the work we are doing to improve the lives of these poor animals.


Click To View Site Costs


Annual running costs / overheads for the site.


A list of assumptions.

One Time Start Up Costs

DescriptionOne Off Cost
Legal Fees / Accountancy
Site Clearing
Site Cleaning
Main area fittings i.e common areas seating / furniture
Recruitment Costs
IT Infrastructor
Architect / Surveyor

Annual Running Costs

DescriptionCost ( Ex Vat )
Legal Fees
Accountancy Fees
Maintenance / Repairs
Recruitment Costs
Software Licence Fees
Licence Fees
Book Keeping
Office Supplies
Baank charges
Site fees - rent , lease
Office Manger
Social Media / Marketing Manager
Hospitality Manager
Retail Manager
Animal Welfare Manager

Sources / Research Links

Estimates are being requested from suppliers.

Click To View Farmers’ Market Costings


An area is to be set aside for a farmers’ market. From our point of view this is a dedicated covered area.

The markets will run daily containing exhibitors. Empty spaces will be filled by news about local farming, exhibits from farming associations such as National Farmers Union and British Food Marketing Boards.


Until a location has been selected it is impossible to estimate physical size and the number of possible exhibitors..

Start Up Costs

DescriptionEstimate ( for 1 )Estimate Total
Lighting - Purchase & Installation
Small Tables 6ft x 4ft
Large Tables 8ft x 4ft
Purchase & Installation of Electrical Metered Power Points

Running Costs

DescriptionEstimate ( Per Day )
Tables setup & tear down
Cleaning - Not covered by site cleaning costs

Potential P & L

Assumptions and Potential Profits.

Staff £xx
Exhibitors ( assuming xx )
Grand Total

Sources / Research Links

Cost of exhibiting have been taken from a mixture of costs from Farmers’ Markets around the UK.


  • Our guiding principle is to run a daily market of ethically-produced food and non-food products grown and made by local professional and community.
  • Producers – “Local” means within 50 miles radius of our Prime Location
  •  Stallholders’ production methods must have minimal adverse environmental impact and conform to recognized standards of sustainability and animal welfare.
  • The market will monitor standards through stall inspections, questionnaires and site visits.
  •  We will give preference to producers of local, seasonal and organic products.
  • Relevant certificates (e.g. Soil Association certification) must be displayed
  •  Where core seasonal vegetables are not available locally they can be sourced non-locally in this order:
    1. The rest of our Prime Location’s county;
    2. Adjacent counties;
    3. The rest of the UK;
    4. Mainland Europe.
  • The county or country of origin of non-local produce must be clearly displayed.
  •  Secondary food or craft products must be processed by the stallholder using at least one local ingredient. The base ingredients must be substantially altered by this process.
  •  No part of a product may be air-freighted except minimal amounts with market permission
  •  No genetically modified products or ingredients may be used or sold in any product
  •  All stalls will be staffed by at least one person directly involved in or fully knowledgeable about the growing/making of the produce/product who is able to answer customers’ questions about their products and their ingredients.
  •  Locality rules do not apply to ethical enterprises (e.g. Fairtrade or similar organisations and environmentally-friendly cleaning products)
  •  We encourage recycling second-hand products (e.g. books, clothing). These must be locally sourced
  •  The market reserves the right to refuse market space to stalls whose aims or products it considers inappropriate to its aims and values

Farmers’ Market Information For Stall Holders

Dear trader,

Many thanks for inquiring about a stall at Green PMF Farmers Market. This document aims to answer any questions you might have about taking a stall at the market, however if there’s anything else you need to know please email

Contact Us


Green PMF Farmers’ & Community Market will allow you to book providing you meet our criteria (see our Market Manifesto).

However, the market reserves the right to refuse or cancel bookings with you at any time for whatever reasons and without explanation.

It will be necessary for you to complete the Stallholder Registration Form and to confirm that you have received and read the Market Trading Policy which will be sent to you with the Registration Form.

When and where does the market happen?

Everyday, from 08:00 – 20:00 at our Prime Location.

What can I sell?

The aim of the Market is to provide locally produced, good quality seasonal products at reasonable prices.

Production methods should have minimal adverse environmental impact and conform to recognized standards.

The Market’s management monitor the quality of produce offered for sale by all stallholders.

The Market supports the principles of organic production and sustainable farming.

The market has a preference for organic produce but will accept non-organic produce.

Where there are similar products, preference will normally be given to a producer using organic methods

Secondary producers should use locally grown ingredients where possible.

Stallholders are encouraged to inform customers when products are wholly or principally made from local ingredients.

What can’t I sell?

No genetically modified produce or goods containing genetically modified ingredients may be sold.

Produce sold at the Market must normally be produced within a radius of 50 miles.

The Market’s management may at its own discretion make exceptions if produce is not available from local producers.

In such cases the county or country of origin must be clearly displayed.

No bought-in produce may be resold without further processing and without prior arrangement with the management.

What if I want to sell something similar to other stall holders?

Green PMF Farmers’ and Community Market: Information for stall holders Market aims to achieve a balance of a wide range of stalls.

When the possibility of different stalls selling the same or similar produce arises, the management will consult with existing stallholders offering such produce before deciding whether to accept a new applicant.

What about insurance / health and safety?

All stallholders must comply with current Trading Standards and Environmental Health requirements.

If you’re serving food you must get/have a relevant food safety qualification

– you can do one online here:

All stallholders (including charity or information stalls) must have public liability insurance and product liability insurance if selling anything. Proof of cover must be presented to the Market management prior to, or at, the first market the stallholder attends.

Information about public liability insurance is available at or

Please then send us your updated insurance on an annual basis each time you renew.

How much does it cost to take a stall?

We try to be competitively priced as the market likes to be as inclusive as possible.

DescriptionCost / PriceSize
Inside small tables £ 20.00 6ft x 4ft
Inside Large Tables £ 25.00 8ft x 4ft
Inside small stalls ( Provided by Exhibitor and subject to our prior approval) £ 37.00 12ft x 8ft
Outside whole stall ( Provided by Exhibitor and subject to our prior approval) Contact Us
Large 4 table i.e veg & bread stalls £ 45.00 each unit 4 off 6ft x 4ft

NOTE : Discounts may be given for regular or block bookings Contact Us for more information.

Cancellation of a booking after Tues 6pm prior to the market will result in the full pitch fee being charged. N.B. You’ll be asked to pay for your stall at the market.

How do I book a stall?

We recommend that you book a couple of taster slots at the market to see how your produce sells.

You can check availability of stalls by

Contact Us

Access and Parking Vehicles may park close to the rear entrance

Ensure your stall is set up and ready for a prompt market start at 10.00. Stalls should not close prior to the market closing at 20.00 (unless sold out). Tables and Gazebos Tables and chairs are provided.

All stall equipment must be set up and put away by the stallholder

Clearing away the market Each stallholder is responsible for cleaning the area around their stall.

Cleaning equipment will be provided.

Work begins

Having outlined our goals. Now the work begins researching facts , figures and assumptions.